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About us / Our Services

Meatalia is a brand new Company founded in January 2013 by Massimiliano Fusar Imperatore.Massi_home_page

As a professional butcher, he ran a succesful meat and sausages products shop in Crema, a small town in the Lombardy 
region with his dad Severino and mum Graziella for over 15 years. Nowadays he is bringing his experience and passion
for making sausages & processing meat to Bangkok, in order to delight new customers with our genuine Italian products.

Let's enjoy the taste of Italy with us!

We provide professional services in the food industry such as:

  • processing and cutting into primal cuts all kind of meat, including beef, pork, veal, and poultry items
  • trimming, tenderizing, preparation, portioning and packaging of meat products based on customers requirements
  • processing and cutting meat in order to make fresh sausages and products such as "salsiccia, salamelle, cotechini, salamini"
  • grinding meat, seasoning and preparations according to the customized recipes of the customers 
  • filling sausages in different shapes and kinds of casings either natural or artificial 

Least but not last, we operate with a strict policy for clean, safe and sanitized working areas.

Our mission is to provide the highest possible quality at a competitive price, with the unique Italian touch and taste.